Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The day of Kidchella

Intern at Smith Memorial Playground: promotion

For the first few weeks of my internship, I worked with both my bosses Zoe and Cheryl to promote the event. I first had to e-mail for the performers with information about the day of the music festival. Included in this e-mail was also questions (which I brainstormed a week earlier) about their music and inspiration. I also informed the food trucks (who would be at the event) about when they would arrive. The closer I got to my first Kidchella concert the more excited I became.

The first concert began on June 17th and I was to be there at 2:00 pm. Immediately families began to eagerly flow into the park far before the festival was even to begin. Around 4:30pm performer Lucy Kalantari entered the park. Kalantari's music is a wonderful mix of 1920s Jazz and happy upbeat tunes for kids. The second artist was Joanie Leeds whose music was upbeat and supplied fun lyrics.

I worked one on one with both bands and provided anything they needed for the afternoon. This included making them feel comfortable and ready to go for the show! A large crowd had settled on the lawn and playground in front of the stage. Families on blankets and towels covered every inch of the playground. The location was perfect for kids to run around and play while the musicians set up.

Once the concert began the kids were ready to go and bounced happily to each song. During the excitement, I walked around the playground photographing and interviewing the families. Many of the guests were perfectly happy getting their picture taken (after I asked permission). It felt amazing to be surrounded by such happy people in one location. At one point, a dad had a surprise dad vs.kid dance off. 

I eventually filled Zoe's camera with countless photos and videos from the day.   


  1. This looks so awesome and tons of fun! I'm curious as to what your major is, and do you find that it correlates to the work you complete at school? Are you working within the internship mainly focusing on events and such or other things like upkeep, etc? The kidchella events look amazing, so great job :) !

  2. Looks super fun and well attended! The light in the third image with the crowd is really beautiful.