Saturday, July 30, 2016

Art Show

This summer I also helped arrange and hang an art show at the center, as well as promote it and show some of my own work.

The show, called aspirations, showcased the work of local artists who were involved with Eilandarts. Some of the artists were teachers at the summer program as well, and there was a variety of mediums - paintings, mosaics, ceramics, photographs, drawings, and books. We laid out all the work and determined the layout of the show by drawing color and style comparisons between the different artists. I photographed the work once it was hung up and used the images to create the postcard.

I also hung some of my own work in the show - an two silver gelatin prints, and a book called "TOUCH AND FEEL: FOR GIRLS." I then combined the photographs of the work with some handwritten text to create a short promotional video for the opening:

This was my first show post-grad and it was very fun to help curate and promote it, and to have the opportunity to participate with some more established local artists! A goal that I have for myself is to have my own gallery one day and I want to be a curator and help promote local artists, so this is really relevant to that and it was great to see such a variety of interesting work, and figure out how it all fits together.

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  1. I love the postcard and the video. thats awesome that you were able to design the promotional stuff for the show!