Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Clarifying long-term Professional/Personal Goals (Post #6)

 Going into the fellowship I definitely had an idea of the goals I wanted to achieve both professionally and personally as I begin my artistic career. However with the experience I have had with this fellowship, I have added new goals and gained more clarity on how exactly I want to pursue these goals in order to receive the greatest benefit. 

Professionally, I definitely want my own studio; a space where I can just creatively go free, try out different methods and techniques, and allow myself to discover new aspects of myself in regards to myself as an artist and creator. With working alongside Neal, I have gotten to see how he as an artist runs his studio and how he keeps it. My first impression of his studio on my first day was a bit overwhelming, it seemed like there were thousands of paintings and papers everywhere with no organization. Though the more I worked with him, I noticed that he knows where everything is and where it belongs, I found that particularly interesting. Though I think I still would want my studio to have more organization, as a very cluttered room is not as conducive for my artistic process. From the contrast of his studio, I also can now better understand that different processes work better for different people, and I think that can apply to anything in life far beyond studios.

I’ve also wanted to be a self-sufficient artist, running the majority of my time and business by myself, as opposed to be working in a company. Though I would also enjoy working alongside other artists, possibly having my own smaller company (I literally jus thought of that as writing this so hey.) I also wish to expand my connections with other artists and be a part of something greater you could say. Working with Neal I’ve seen how an individual artist can achieve all of these goals. Neal is a part of many plein air painting competitions, on the board of a particular organization (currently forgot the name but will get back to you on that), and is well known in the plein air community. These are all wonderful ways to meet and gain connections to artists relevant to you.

I would never have described myself as a clean/organized person until this year. I’ve always personally wanted to become more organized and have a clearer idea of what needs to get done. From my experience in this fellowship, I have sharpened my ability to more efficiently schedule my time (personally and with my artistic endeavors.)

Attached is a picture of my workspace within Neal’s studio and where I do most of my projects.

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