Sunday, July 31, 2016

Studio Time

One thing I expressed to Marisha was my love for fabric and how I really wanted to work with it. She made sure that I learned a little about the process of screen printing on fabric and how to choose certain dyes/inks for certain colored or types of fabric. 

This was important because, certain inks/dyes react differently to different kinds of materials. We first started this process by gathering different materials for me to print on. Using a screen I had already prepared, we gathered our inks, and set up our registration and placement of where we would print. 

The first thing I decided to print on was an old cotton black dress I had and decided it would be perfect to print on. Marisha made aware to me that black and the type of fabric we used can be a little tough to print on especially using acrylic screen printing ink due to how the material may take to the ink, and how easily the image could get lost on a dark material. Luckily, we were able to use certain colors to achieve a good print. 

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