Thursday, July 28, 2016


A couple weeks ago Michele waited for me outside of her studio and when I got there we walked down the street to the building next to hers. We walked inside and Michele explained that we were going to a studio visit with Rita Smith.  A studio visit is simply visiting an artist in their studio or workspace that may, but doesn't have to be, for purchasing art. We were visiting because Michele hadn't met Rita before and Michele is starting a new business for people to come to her for artist statement advice and guidance. So Michele was talking about that with her and Rita mentioned that she had recently gotten an iPad Pro, which I also have. Rita thought it would be a good idea for me to come back and teach her some stuff about the iPad and help her with building her website. After we finished with all the things we needed to do she decided that I could intern for her for a little bit and see if it would be beneficial to have me around. She ran the idea by me and I couldn't see why not! So next week I'll be starting my internship with Rita Smith and I'm really excited.

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