Thursday, July 14, 2016

Late Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Loveis and I'm a junior Illustration student. In addition to illustration I love printmaking, textile design,digital art,painting, and fashion. I am currently working with Marisha Simons, who is a very talented Printmaker who also owns her own handcrafted goods business. Initially I was very excited to work with Marisha because, I intend to own my own clothing line one day and I think being hands-on and acquiring business skills and knowledge will definitely help in the long run.  Luckily, Marisha is very helpful and passionate about what she does and can always give me great advice on any question I present to her. 

I have had the great opportunity to work alongside my alumni-host since early June and although we have been facing challenges with her studio becoming set up at the moment. The studio space, in which she will be sharing with a group of other talented artists, will be a non-profit organization called the Soap Box. It will focus on helping the community through art and having workshops in place while also giving people a look into different artists' studio spaces. Until the Soap Box is fully opened I have been working on minor but important things like learning how to screenprint on different materials, how to create a website, and how to maneuver and create when your not able to use a studio. All in all, Marisha is very insightful and whether she is teaching me about how to sell my work fairly or giving me life lessons, I'm always inspired. Even though, things are running at a slower pace, I enjoy working with someone who is able to show me how to utilize any space to the best of my abilities to create work.

By working more with Marisha, I plan to learn more about how to become a better designer, how to sell and promote work via social media and events, running a successful studio and business.  I'm excited to learn more and see how much we progress in the next couple of weeks.

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