Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Camp

After the summer program started, I shifted my focus from social media to helping teach and work with the kids. The camps ranged from art classes to theater to music to writing, and I helped with the art ones.

I also TA at the UArts Precollege program but this was a very different experience from that because the kids are much younger, ages 5-12. The most difficult part is trying to modify the activities so that the younger and older kids can all be engaged with the same thing. This is similar to precollege, where we will have to bridge the gap between students who have a lot of photography experience and students who are using their camera for the first time.

I made a video during the "mosaic" camp where we created mosaic boxes, bean mosaics, and rock mosaics.

The major differences between the older and younger kids in the art classes is the activities that interest them - the older ones seem to want to learn more about technique and how to do things, while the younger ones prefer things that are very tactile and are much less concerned about technical things. We also have to plan a lot of activities because they move through things really quickly, while also making sure to give the extra time to the kids who get really into a specific activity.

I have a lot less experience working with younger children so it's been really fun to learn more about them and how to teach them!

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