Thursday, July 14, 2016

Informal Interview With Neal (Post #3)

For the interview, I informally asked my mentor, Neal Hughes, the following questions. I found it particularly interesting asking Neal these questions, considering he might not get them that often. I personally think when you have to reflect back on anything, (and in this case, your artistic career) you can come back with a greater clarity on your journey and possibly help refine your future goals.

1.) What was your first experience with art?
1.  I remember drawing in Kindergarten and the teacher wondering why I made the ground color brown.  It was dirt.

2. )What inspires you to create?
2.  I like the idea of making something that others might enjoy while I challenge myself to do something that might be better than the last painting I did.  I also want to create something new each time I do a painting and share some type of connection to nature or my subject.

3.) Why did you choose to attend Uarts?
3. Uarts had a good illustration dept. and that is what I wanted to major in.  It was close to home and I had taken some classes there at night and wanted to continue.

4.) What did you do right after you graduated college?
4. worked as an in-house illustrator and graphic designer.

5.) Are there things you would do/choose differently now looking back on your career?
5.  I may have made the switch from illustration to fine art sooner.

6.) Do you have any mentors?
6.  There are many artists whose work I admire but I'm not sure there are
any I would consider a mentor at this point in time.  I am always looking at work and trying to learn from others. 

7.) Do you have any advice for aspiring artists beginning their journey? 
7.  Just keep working hard.  The ones who just keep working are usually the most successful.  Don't be discouraged.  There will be setbacks and you have to have a thick skin.  There is so much to learn so don't think it will all happen overnight.

8.) What was the most important thing you learned as an artist?

Always do what interests you the most.  You will do your best work if you are doing what you like and what interests you.

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