Sunday, July 31, 2016

Personal and Professional Long Term Goals

Before this fellowship the idea of running my own business working as a designer started as an idea that ran cross my mind one day and after working with my mentor I decided that I wanted that idea to turn into more than just that. I became more in tune with myself and wanted to actually learn more about marketing and networking to get the ball rolling. 

Personally, sometimes it is definitely a struggle being an ambivert and having to communicate with others and being a social butterfly. Working in this business, I’ve learned how to maneuver from those feelings to be successful at making things happen for myself. My most important personal goal is to be consistent and to understand that I can make mistakes but to utilize those mistakes into understanding and to learn how to not give up on myself.

Professionally, I want to be able to own my own clothing line and design studio. My mentor allowed me to think about how my present day ideas can turn into my future. She allowed to me think about how to make things happen and how to be self-sufficient. As an student, I hardly ever thought about how saving money now can be beneficial to my future or to even think about finances. 

I think that we think there isn’t much to be done or we can hardly afford to save with the overwhelming expenses of supplies and life, but I learned that my future self will definitely appreciate me for thinking about this presently and how important this decision was. 

I also appreciated how Marisha has full creative control of her studio and business and she taught me a lot about what it takes to run a small business. As a woman it was very inspiring to see another woman, and meet other female screen printers accomplishing their dreams and doing what made them completely happy. 

Creatively, she also inspired to me to think about textile design and using screen printing in my future work. 

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