Thursday, July 28, 2016

Difficult Situation?!?

The Summer Fellows experience I had with Michele Kishita was the farthest thing from difficult. BUT the only time that was rough was when it was 94 degrees and humid. I was sitting on the floor with a hot glue gun and hundreds of wooden sticks. I was in charge of putting together bundles of 5 sticks in a certain orientation over and over again. It was for an installation that Michele was asked to do from URBN headquarters. The space she has to use is 10 ft by 72 ft so the final piece is massive and she calculated that we would have to make 800 bundles. I put together about 100 so far. So it was really hot and I was sweating like crazy and it sucked. But it was just a learning experience that some buildings that you may get a studio in wont have everything that you expect. Michele's studio building had a really old freight elevator and everything is kind of old and you can tell. But that brings you into what kind of artist you might be and if you need a really clean workspace then you might have a harder time finding the studio that is "suited for you". ME? I don't give a $#!% as long as I have light and I have AC because working in a hot ass room SUUUUUUCKS.

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