Sunday, July 17, 2016

Preparing for summer camp

During June, we spent most of the month promoting the summer program and preparing for the camp to begin. Each week, there are two different morning sessions and two different afternoon sessions that the kids can take to learn about different kinds of art. I made some promotional images for some of these sessions -

One of my favorite parts about this experience has been learning how to be resourceful and use what I have available to make images. The pictures required having a plan and I had to stage the scenes using only what was in the center and try to figure out the best way to use objects to tell the story of the classes.

I've also used some of these skills on job applications in the last few months - each picture and video gets scheduled for a Facebook post with the goal of posting something every day. This has given me experience managing social media accounts and planning posts ahead of time. Some of these posts also get boosted to reach an audience beyond just people who like the Eilandarts page. We used these scheduled posts to show the variety of summer classes that kids could take, because there really is one to suit every interest! Now that I've been applying for social media jobs, and I can say that I have experience managing professional accounts, creating a posting schedule, and creating content myself for those posts.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post and looking at all of your images! They certainly command attention, and I love your careful positioning of the text and the font you chose.