Thursday, August 4, 2016

Producing work for inventory !

This week has been very busy,with creating an inventory list for Marisha and photographing work to put onto her Facebook & Website for showcasing. While my mentor is very talented, full of ideas, and words of wisdom, sometimes through the creative process, she can forget to document her making process, in which I don't mind helping with at all.

I've learned that it is essential to put yourself out there as an artist and allow people to enjoy your work all over the world (via social media), especially having your own business and becoming an artist full-time. So, we started with going through inventory and figured out what was selling well (for reproduction later) and also to keep track of what we had.

It was interesting for me to see how many things my mentor had created because, her process is mostly hand-made and very unique. I can always appreciate an artist who can show their hand in their work and her's definitely share a bit of her story and interests. Later in the week we decided to head to the UArts printmaking studio (due to her studio being inaccesible at the moment) and we started to print her signature Koi & Bubbles illustration on dish towels, which is also one of her best selling items.

At the studio, we prepared our screens and work space for printing and we had a system in which I would help prepare ink and in the process I learned about how to add fixer to the ink to prepare the ink for fabric use. After Marisha would pull each print onto the dish towels, I would place each towel on the rack to dry properly. We decided to prepare about 20 prints, each looking a little different from another, but that's sort of the beauty of screen printing.

With screen printing, I've learned to be extremely careful because, even with one small smudge of ink you can ruin a piece especially printing on fabric. Although, that one small smudge, can take the machine-likeness out of a piece and make it humanly unique.

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