Monday, August 15, 2016

Final Post

How do you plan to take what you are learning and observing back to UArts, or into your post-undergraduate life? 

Previously, I have discussed my goals of working for a nonprofit. What I haven't done is explain the relationship between my internship with my work at Uarts. My major is Print which is a part of the Fine Arts department. Unlike my original major (illustration), a lot of the work I currently do is hands on. I find a sort of glee creating prints in the lab. Being surrounded by materials such as ink, rollers, and presses makes me feel as though I am a "true" artist. Not saying the illustration process isn't a wonderful one. 

It's easy to get lost in the process and think less of the importance of promoting your art. I had created an art twitter, ig and tumblr long ago. But the effort to keep up these sites dwindles far faster than I had expected. I love social media and can easily be seen on either ig or tumblr at any given moment. Once I have to be on social media for anything self promotion wise the fun diminishes. 

While working at Smith, I was reminded about the huge difference posting your art makes.  When it came time to contact artists, the ones with a large online presence were the easiest to contact. The process to contact those who weren't as present proved difficult. Not everyone trying to get in touch with an artist will work until they are successful. This fact proved to be disconcerting to me. Because think of future opportunities that may be missed out of laziness? 

I also want to really talk more with my professors. I try to make a point of asking them any important questions that come to mind. Interviewing my bosses really helped open my eyes to how easily life can change for someone. How they got to where they are today was really about exploring different avenues. I don't want to be so afraid of change and opportunity. It can lead to some amazing things.

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  1. I didnt know you switched your major. thats sick. printing is awesome and there's so many different processes that you could do to achieve something visually. l probably need to figure out to posting my art online more as well.