Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Opportunies #2

After a few weeks of working with Rita Smith. She had brought up to me about a friend of hers that was interested in iPhone photography. Her name is Joyce and she recently took a trip to Bolivia to see the salt flats and explore the landscape of the desert. She took these beautiful photos of the salt flats and the landscapes with her iphone. So the problem with that is, is that the quality of the photo was not as good as it could have been because it wasn't taken with a DSLR. Needless to say there was a decent amount of grain and noise throughout the photos, not to mention the fact that she took these photos while driving through the salt flats and the desert. She never got out to shoot, at least with this series. Joyce had asked Rita if she knew anyone that might know a thing or two about photoshop. Rita ran it by me and we went and paid Joyce a visit to see the images and what she actually needed done. Before we even looked at the photos, I was in love with her canvases that she produces. she takes her canvas and cuts it all up and weaves it back together then paints it and adds a lot more 3-dimensional aspects to it. I was so intrigued and then she showed me her photography. She takes really amazing photos but she knew we could put them through photoshop and make them really pop. So I met with her the following week with my laptop and it went great. I was able to achieve visually what she couldn't because she didn't have the knowledge on the tools and the program. She asked if I could continue coming to edit more photos in the future. We only edited 9 photos the first day but I'm sure she has a lot more photos.

A week later I got an email from Rita asking me if I could meet them to pick up new laptops. They wanted me to help them pick out the right laptop for them and of course I was going to help them. So i brought them over to Springboard Media and we picked out Macbook Pro's for both of them. After that we went back to Joyce's studio and set up both of their laptops and tried connecting all of the icloud accounts and emails and etc etc etc. it was a long day but they were very satisfied with the day. we got a lot done and I felt really great to be a part of it.

Below are some of the images me and Joyce edited together.

I am very, very, very, very thankful to have been able to be a part of this Summer Fellows program because if I hadn't I wouldn't be meeting two cute old ladies and teaching them but in return learning knowledge from them because they've been through their whole lives as working artists.

Thanks Michele. :)

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