Monday, August 15, 2016

A Great Experience (Post #8)

I just finished my fellowship with Neal last week. He is off to another competition in the Rockies in Colorado where he’ll be painting for the next two weeks. This entire summer has truly been an honor to work alongside Neal. I gained much insight into the plein air community while also learning how to be a self-sufficient and functioning artist.  I also learned how important it was to be on top of everything. I know that sounds like a pretty obvious statement but I haven’t totally grasped that concept until now. Working in a real life setting, I began to think more about my own professional goals and where I want to go with my art. I now begin to focus on where I want to be rather than what I don’ want right now. This fellowship has helped shape my ideas while allowing me to work in a current field that I wouldn’t have understood prior.

This will be an experience that I will not only take back with me to school, but also as an opportunity for growth in all aspects of my life. This fellowship has helped me understand greater how I can achieve my goals as a painter, helped me narrow down and specify my goals, but I have also gained a beautiful relationship with Neal as a mentor and friend. I wrote this in my overall review, but I want to share how impacting this fellowship with Neal was for me. I have never had many positive relationships with male figures in my life, and when I found out who I would be working with, I just expected this type of experience to be like those I’ve have in my past.  Working with Neal, I got to see how sweet, caring, and loving a person could be. And from of all the panels I made, frames I put together, and painting demos I watched, I believe that out of all my experiences in this fellowship, this was the biggest gift I could have received. I am very thankful for having this opportunity and I cannot wait to get back to school and start to apply what I have learned.

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