Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meeting with a Ceramicist

What's interesting about the crafts world is the fact that there is so many cool handmade styles and products within the community and the artists seem to be very close-knit.

My mentor, who participates in various craft shows often to showcase and sell her designs, gave me a load of details about the different artists she has met, which has been crucial to networking and she also talked about the selling process and how these craft shows are very beneficial to getting your name out into the world as a handmade crafts-person.

She also wanted to give me a deeper outlook into what it means to be an artist entrepreneur by meeting other artist who could also give me great insight. We met with her longtime friend and fellow artist, Stefani Threet, who is a ceramicist that specializes in hand-built goods and jewelry.

Immediately upon meeting her, we went right into conversation and I asked a lot of questions varying from whats her inspiration and her process in building her forms, which almost looks machine-like because of her perfected craftsmanship. Stefani gave me a lot advice about consistency and how to market myself as an artist.

It was very important to me to meet someone I could relate closely to and also to see her be successful in a field I hope to one day. One thing that stuck with me was her grind and her ability to create and work in her studio weekly to have inventory to sell often. Her hard work and passion for what she does is extremely inspiring to me.

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