Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New opportunities

After the Summer Fellows program had ended I was able to continue with working with an artist that I had met from a Studio visit Michele had brought me to. Rita Smith is a painter that has been in numerous galleries and has produced a ton of artwork over the years. Rita Smith asked me to meet with her weekly to help her with technology related questions and actions that she is trying to achieve. She had recently got herself an iPad Pro and I am helping her with getting used to using that machine. Her only prior knowledge with anything with that kind of power is her iphone so she needed some guidance to figure out how to get around and get the most out of her machine. I introduced some apps to her like the Procreate app, where you can draw and design almost anything you want, with a wide array of tools. So I am helping her with getting used to tools on that program a long with others. A few weeks ago we designed her business card on an app called "Assembly". Assembly is an app that allows you to take pre made shapes and drop them on a canvas and edit the shapes accordingly in order to create a vector image. There is also a text tool on that app that lets you type your information and edit the size and spacing of the words and letters. It was the perfect app to design a business card and we were able to get the whole design finished within a couple of hours. The reason why Rita has asked me to help her with all of these things is because when she asks her sons about anything they just do it for her and dont teach her anything. She is trying to understand how to use all this stuff and I'm honored to be able to help her.

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