Sunday, August 21, 2016

Final Post

These last past months working with Marisha have been amazing! There is so many things I feel I have reconsidered and thought about that will definitely impact my future and time at Uarts.

My main goal initially, was to learn about running a design studio and brand specializing in clothing, luckily I have learned so much more that has shaped my ideas about my business a lot clearer. Before I had the idea that a business is about production and making but it goes so much deeper than that. After working with my mentor, who also pushed me to take an entrepreneurship class at the Corzo center, I've learned that I need to have a clear concept and plan in order to make things work efficiently. If anyone is looking to learn more about what is takes to run a business, I definitely recommend looking into the Corzo Center's Basic Entrepreneurship class as a first step. The class is about 2 weeks and you can qualify for free scholarship, its a great resource.

All in all,I'm happy with my experiences this summer because they allowed me to open myself to other mediums and ideas. Not only have I opened myself creatively, I'm also learning how to be more social and how to network myself as an artist. I'm also learning from my mentor's DIY attitude and her ability to transform everyday things such as scarves and tea towels into beautiful designs which
inspired me to want to work more with fabric. I then decided the next step was to take more classes in the fibers department this upcoming semester to get more experience.

As an illustrator, I am always willing to to experiment and push the boundary on what I create outside of just digital work or in a sketchbook. I enjoyed the feeling of creating a physical print and going through the trial and error process of coating a screen with emulsion or burning my positive images to my screen. The frustration sometimes can be therapeutic and I definitely can see myself using screen printing in my future work.

Working with Marisha helped me to think a lot about how my present day choices will affect my long term goals and opportunities and how to make use of my resources. I hope to continue to work with her after our internship ends in the next two weeks.

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  1. hey thats awesome! I might check out that class because i'm always trying to learn more about business and the way it all works. I learned so much from this summer internship thing too.