Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hi! My name is Anna and I just graduated from the photography program this month. I like to use many mediums to create satirical and political work that people are able to interact with - my thesis project was a board game about classism and the American Dream. I also like making music and zines, and I am a #professional dog walker.

This summer I'm working with Nicole Eiland, who owns an arts center in New Jersey called Eilandarts that offers arts programming for children and adults alike, as well as live music and art openings. I was especially interested in working with Nicole because there are multiple areas of focus like teaching, curating, music, and running a business, which are all things that I would like to be involved with in my future. I'll be specifically working with creating content for the Eilandarts social media accounts to promote their summer programming.

Eilandarts is located in a beautiful newly renovated building called The Station, and the gallery is in a huge, window lit room upstairs surrounded by classrooms for art classes and music lessons. So far this week, I've made two short videos that Eilandarts will be posting on their social media - one is a stop motion that shares information about their mix and match summer program, and another shows what kind of fun can be had at toddler tune time, a weekly class where young children explore musical instruments.

So far I've had a great time working at Eilandarts! I am able to conceptualize videos and images and make them by filming during the classes, interacting with the kids, and editing in the big gallery. I'm very excited to spend more time there this summer and continue to eat my way through the coffeeshop downstairs!

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